Landscaping Flagstone

Whether you want to find your perfect stone, landscape an elegant sidewalk in your yard, lay a patio, put in a bench, or do more complicated projects like barbecues, fireplaces, or buildings, there are resources here to help with your design plans.

Depending on where you live, the costs of stone may vary. Initial costs of stone could be higher but the long-term payback on zero-maintenance costs, exceptional stability, and visual appeal make stone a great option for many construction applications.

Landscaping Flagstone has a full color range, no extreme range. There is no selection for any one particular shade or tone. As it is a naturally-formed material, and all flagstone is subject to variations in color, thickness, and texture. Samples represent the average run and are not guaranteed to exactly match the actual merchandise.

Irregular flagstones are asymmetrical shaped pieces of flagstone, generally without 90-degree angles. The irregular pattern is more often used for a natural appearance where symmetry is not desired. The pattern expresses a simple, natural form. Thicknesses of the irregular stone can run, on average, 1” to 1-1/2”. Expect a greater variation of thickness in the irregular stone compared to random pattern stone.